Thurs. Nov 5 - Haymaker at Cirivelo's
w/Ted Z & the Wranglers - 9pm - no cover


Fri., Oct 16 - Haymaker at Mother's Tavern
w/The Damngivers - 7pm - no cover


Sunday, Sept 21 - Haymaker at Grand 'Ole Echo

Thurs. Aug 28 - Haymaker
Cinema Bar
- 10pm

Josephine Johnson

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Read Reviews of Now, Now, Now

The LA Music Examiner did an incredible track-by-track review of Now Now Now. "The music is both fresh and familiar with influences from such a wide array of artists as the Old 97s, the Del Fuegos, the BoDeans, Bob Dylan, the Replacements, Wilco and Dwight Yoakam." - Will Phoenix, LA Music Examiner.
Read the track by track review:

"Now Now Now is a workingman’s soundtrack, steering clear of pedantry and sticking with perennial themes of heartache, loss and good humored easy living." - Jonathan Shifflett, Turnstyled Junkpiled - LA's Americana Magazine. Read the whole review here:

Now Now Now has that Friday freedom feel to its tracks. The warmth of the vocals grounds the tunes as the playing ignores the rules and regs for what Country should sound like. Self-reflection comes from more than just putting your pompadour back in place and Haymaker offer some points of interest to add to your to-do-me list with "Note to Self". The scent of jacarandas is not enough to weave happy back into a "Threadbare Heart", a foot goes down as a base bump on a smokin' beat in "I'm Not Talking" and a determined rhythm line nails down the groove as guitar jangles fly around on "Without You".


"Now Now Now" (Honey Bucket Records)

Alt-country threw a roadhouse party with pop-rock. The only "designated driver" needed was a confident rhythm section (David Serby and Dale Daniel) that knew the road. J.W. Surge/Mike Jacoby harmonies, and Mike 's own nimbly-picked, hand-tooled six-string articulations, brought the fun. And songcraft by J.W. and Mike shone all night.

"We write songs and record them and play them for people in bars," J.W. explains. "We see it as the highest calling – entertaining people in a bar when they’re blowing off steam from a hard week at work. We take that responsibility seriously and do our best to give them full-frontal Haymaker.”
Recommended "Now Now Now," "Stomp the Gas," "Marisol," "Different Girl"

HAYMAKER/Now Now Now: Remember all those country rock bands that wanted to be Firefall but wound up sounding yukky because there was no Rick Roberts or Jock Bartley to keep an eye on things? This bunch has Spencer Davis and Rita Coolidge’s guitarist around to keep an eye on things and that’s apparently enough to get these country rockers from traveling into Yukkyville. Sounding more organic than an LA country rock outfit, that touch of hominess gives this crew their edge and makes them feel like a good time band you want to call your own. If slick is something on your garage floor, this is something that will fill your ear nicely. Check it out.

"This band from Long Beach, California, has a nice sound that harks back to the late eighties wave roots-rockers. With two lead singers (Mike Jakoby and JW Surge) Haymaker brings a fine variety of songs by playing both together and separately. With voices reminiscent of The Spanic Boys and Dan Stuart of Green On Red the songs twang with a pop sound quite like Paisley Underground."
These melodious Long Beach roots rockers spice their smarter-than-average working guy laments with judicious country flourishes. There’s passion, sweet roughhouse harmonies, guitar jangling and humor aplenty, with a becoming lack of the pretension that some music in this subgenre assume. You can dance, drink or think all you want to it – or all three- if you’re coordinated enough.- Bob Strauss, Los Angeles Daily News

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